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Shocks Vs. Struts

Shocks Vs. Struts in Hendersonville, NC

It's important to know as much about your vehicle as possible. Two important components of your vehicle are its shocks and struts, but do you know what the difference is? Not many drivers do, but they definitely exist. Keep reading to learn more about how these important parts help keep your ride smooth and your vehicle balanced.

What do shocks do?

Although they aren't a structural part of the suspension, shocks still have a vital role to play. By limiting the bounce created from the residual movement in the springs, they make rides in modern vehicles generally more comfortable and allow you to have more control of your vehicle.

What do struts do?

Struts are technically part of the suspension and steering systems, and they essentially do the same job as shocks, while also being partly responsible for moving the wheels when the driver turns the steering wheel. They're normally more simple to install and remove than shocks.

How often should they be serviced?

Most research suggests that shocks and struts should be replaced around the 50,000 mile mark, but if you see signs of wear, including poor steering response or excessive vehicle bounce and uneven tire wear, they may need to be replaced before that. As always, check with our specially-trained technicians for advice on your shocks or struts.

If you'd like to learn more about shocks and struts or need to schedule service with us, contact us or stop by our dealership at 2520 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville,NC 28791. We look forward to serving our customers from Hendersonville, NC, and throughout Asheville, Canton and Greenville.

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